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What kind of students would most benefit from the TLS method when studying Japanese?

There are dozens of Japanese language schools in Tokyo. Hundreds even. So why should you choose Toranomon Language School? Every person has different learning styles, and what works for one person may not for another. This is why it’s important to find a school which is the right fit for you. You need to consider teaching style, textbooks and materials, frequency and more. Let us introduce TLS and what kind of students may thrive in our school.

What is TLS?

Toranomon Language School (TLS) is a Minato-ku based school offering Japanese lessons both in-person and online. Students can take lessons at the school, or have a teacher come to their office.

We teach using the “TLS Method”, which is student focused and goal oriented. A major pillar of our vision is to help foster an international community in various parts of Japan. We teach people how to communicate using English and Japanese in order to overcome cultural backgrounds and connect. By working with two languages, we hope to build a solid community with people from different backgrounds so that everyone can travel to Japan and throughout the world without feeling alone.

Who should study Japanese at TLS?

People who need the lesson to go at their pace:

Some of our students have come to us from other schools complaining that lessons moved too fast and they couldn’t keep up. In our classes, the groups are small, and the teacher will ensure that every student is able to follow the explanations. If you are struggling with some aspect of the lesson, our teachers welcome questions and feedback.

People who value quality:

As there is such a demand for Japanese language classes in Tokyo, some companies do not adequately screen their teachers in order to hire the large quota they need. At TLS, we ensure that our teachers meet all of our criteria, such as being flexible to different learning styles, experienced and understanding of common mistakes expats make, and able to explain things in English clearly.

People who want engaging lessons:

Many Japanese courses are very textbook oriented and dry. This is fine to some extent, but we do not believe that this is the most effective way of learning. We like to personalise our lessons to our students interests and provide lessons with a purpose. We want out students to walk out the door after class being able to use what they learned in their daily lives, whether that be at work or day to day lives. We also provide in-depth background explanations on the cultural aspects of the language, so that students come to understand more about the country they’re living in.

Practical learners:

Students who are more interested in learning Japanese for real-life situations and communication rather than just for academic purposes. Maybe your office is Japanese and you need to be able to communicate with colleagues, or at least learn some basics as a sign of respect. Or maybe your kids go to a Japanese daycare and you need to talk to the teachers.

Interactive learners:

Those who enjoy interactive and hands-on learning experiences, where they can actively engage with the language rather than passively studying from textbooks. We offer workshops and “walk and learn” classes out in the wild, where students can put their knowledge to the immediate test. This is way more fun than sitting at a desk.

Cultural enthusiasts and those who thrive by learning language in context by understanding the “why”:

Students who have a strong interest in Japanese culture, history, and traditions, and want to learn the language to better understand and appreciate these aspects. Since our teachers like to explain Japanese culture, like why is this kanji made of this and that component, or why do Japanese people say “xxx”? You can’t properly immerse yourself into Japan without knowing the culture!

Non-traditional learners:

People who may have struggled with conventional language learning methods, such as dry textbooks, and are looking for an alternative and engaging approach should try TLS. We will motivate you through a way that works for you. Book a free consultation with our teachers to discuss your learning style.

Goal-oriented individuals:

Students with specific goals for learning Japanese, such as traveling in Japan, working in a Japanese-speaking environment, or connecting with Japanese-speaking friends or family, will do well with us. We will set short-term and long-term goals for you, and re-assess every lesson.

If any of these sounds like you, you can book a free level check and consultation with TLS here.

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