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TLS Update Notice

We will be holding a WALK and LEARN special event on October 28th – a tour of the second-hand bookshops in Jimbocho, Tokyo.

Toranomon Language School was featured in the Tokyo American Club magazine

TLS is geared towards getting its students to learn quickly and deeply through rich, content-based lessons and actively using language. So while it offers intensive Japa­nese Language Proficiency Test, Business Japa­nese Test, International English Language Testing System and Test of English as a Foreign Language shortcut exam courses, which are effi­cient and effective, the school is well known for motivational commu­ni­cation courses, events and workshops.

TLS featured in Business Wire

“This is what we mean when we say that TLS offers ‘more than just language.’ Our students not only learn valuable language skills but become part of a community where they can use those skills to enhance the quality of their lives.”

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