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Japanese program

As a returnee who lived in the U.S. since the age of 11, I know the benefits of experiencing education and culture in different countries. Through 12 years of experience teaching Japanese and English, I discovered a new way to teach language easily and accurately (the Toranomon Method), and Toranomon Language School uses it to accelerate communication skills and speed up the acquisition of Japanese through cultural understanding.

I have been involved in teaching, curriculum planning, and creating  blended educational materials inside and outside Japan. I strive to supporting students and teachers so that Toranomon Language School can provide lessons where you learn and practice Japanese you would want to use immediately after each class, and where teachers can share the wealth of their experience!

Language is a tool that expands the world. If you can understand and speak Japanese, it will open up a world you have never known before. What lies ahead? It is exciting, isn’t it? Do you think Japanese is difficult? That’s not true. Let’s learn easy-to-understand and practical Japanese, little by little, efficiently. Leave it to experienced Japanese language teachers. I am sure you will discover a different way of learning Japanese and be satisfied with the results! Let’s get started!

Since 2011, I have been teaching at Japanese language schools, with a focus on business Japanese. I have taught business Japanese for three years at universities and have experience at Japanese language schools in Taiwan. I can provide classes in any format, such as group or private lessons. I have also taught private classes according to the students’ job descriptions.

After working as a high school teacher and cram school teacher, I have been involved in Japanese language education for a long time. Recently, I have been teaching advanced speakers, which makes me think again about what kind of language can reach the heart. To learn a language and culture is to rediscover your own culture and find yourself anew. Through encounters with people from various countries and backgrounds, we have been able to improve each other. With this pride, we will work to bring out the hidden power of each individual.

Branch Relations Specialist. Tokyo Toyopet Headquarters, Toyota. Tokyo, Japan. 1994-1997. Interacted with branch managers to resolve questions related to quality control.
Managing Director. Izawa Corporation. Tama, Japan. 1997-2014. Oversaw contracting, accounting, and marketing strategy for a karaoke business generating $800,000 in annual revenue.
Actress and singer and Dancer. Wakakusa Agency. Tokyo, Japan. 1974-1982. Appeared on stage in musicals and in commercials, television specials, and movie voiceovers. 27 years experience in the entertainment industry.
I am married to an American, gave birth in Germany, and experienced parenting in the United States. I have overcome language and cultural barriers and raised my son to be bilingual (JLPT N1) and multicultural. My strength is communication, and I want to help develop a multicultural society.

Greetings, it is my pleasure to introduce myself as a language teacher with a diverse professional background. After graduating from Sophia University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Sociology, I worked at a major non-life insurance company, Tokio Marine Nichido, in sales administration and agency guidance.

For over a decade, I have been diligently teaching both group and private lessons to students from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. My ultimate aim is to provide highly satisfying and enjoyable classes that cater to the unique needs of each individual. With a focus on natural conversation at all levels, my classes provide valuable insights into different cultures. Additionally, I currently teach basic business writing and essay writing at a reputable university in Kanagawa.

In my leisure time, I indulge in various hobbies, such as traveling, visiting cafes, and watching movies. Recently, I have taken up yoga and stretching classes at a sports club to refresh my mind and body. As a mother of two daughters, I am learning how to dress them in furisode for their coming-of-age ceremony. Furthermore, I have a toy poodle that accompanies me on daily walks.

I am honored to join the team at Toranomon Language School and eager to contribute to your language learning journey.

Nice to meet you. As a Japanese language instructor, I have taught learners of various nationalities and backgrounds. I am more than happy to hear learners say, “I get it!” and “It’s fun! I also enjoy teaching Japanese myself.

I have been involved in Japanese language education since 1993. I have taught foreign students at Japanese language schools, vocational schools, and universities; businesspeople at foreign-affiliated companies; and individual foreigners, using teaching materials tailored to their needs.

In April 2011, I was appointed as the head of the Business Japanese Course at The Naganuma School – Tokyo School of Japanese Language, a position I held until September 2020.

Based on my experience and knowledge through teaching, I have co-authored seven books, including a collection of questions for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and a textbook on business Japanese.

Although I have retired from active teaching, I would be happy to continue helping the Japanese language education community in any way I can.

I am an MBA-qualified senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in sales and management at international companies, having consistently performed beyond expected standards in business development and recognized commercial opportunities to secure a competitive advantage and achieve business objectives. I can operate and communicate at all levels in Japanese and English in a global, matrix management structured, multi-cultural environment.

English program

Learning is never-ending, as it is my passion to share that empowerment. I always encourage students’ creativity and higher-order thinking to develop professional skills by providing work-based learning and offering quality education. I’ve been in the field of teaching and training for more than five years. Part of my experience is working with large companies in the market across the globe, including the big 4 accounting firms, railways, real estate, engineering, trading companies, and so on. I have been training Japanese employees in all kinds of soft skills, such as project management, negotiation, being diplomatic at work, building teams, etc. You can always count on me as I have also worked in the Japanese market and can give you a lot of teaching and training that fits your needs and industry.
Always believe in yourself. See you in my class!

I began working as an English tutor for adults and children in 2001, and added online tutoring to my services in 2008. I have extensive experience living overseas as well, and so I am personally acquainted with language and cultural differences and challenges. I enjoy making a connection with people, and desire to help them obtain more confidence and success in their English skills. I seek to provide educational and fun learning sessions, and I look forward to working with you!

I am originally from London in the United Kingdom and I am a graduate of the prestigious University of London. I have been teaching in Japan for 12 years and have ample experience teaching both corporate and general English. I have developed training programs for Japanese government officies and major companies with a focus on British style business English.

I look forward to meeting you all and helping you gain more confidence while working in a foreign language!

I have over 8 years of experience teaching English in Japan to a large variety of different clients. My goal as an instructor is to give you the tools you need to succeed in any situation that requires English, be it at a customer meeting, an important presentation, or just simply small talk with English-speaking colleagues. I take great pride in watching my students develop their language abilities and utilizing English in their day-to-day lives.

I am CELTA qualified and have been teaching English since 2012. In my teaching, I am very focused on setting and helping you to achieve your personal goals. Let’s work towards them through discussion, debate and problem solving activities. I also enjoy sharing our cultural differences and similarities, so let’s learn and discover together.

In my 30+ years in Japan, I have taught a wide range of students. Whether it’s children all wide eyed and eager to learn from a native speaker or the retired septuagenarian who wants to keep active in their golden years, all the people I have met (and classes I have had) have been rewarding experiences for me. There have been a lot of people between those aforementioned age groups, a lot of places in there too. Interspersed with group and private classes at community centers and cafes are companies such as Dentsu, Mitsui Fudosan Realty, Yasuda Soko, Orix, Disney Japan and JR among others.
As for future business leaders, I’ve had the opportunity to teach at institutions such as Tokyo University, Showa Women’s University Open Campus, and Bunka Gakuin. Yes, I’ve had and seen a lot over the years, and now looking forward to expand it even more with the opportunity before me to teach you at TLS.

My philosophy as an ESL Trainer is simple: to make learning fun for my students, and to help them incorporate English into their professional and daily lives. Since getting my TESOL certification in 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from different countries and across a wide range of industries. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your language goals. See you in class!

Originally from the UK, and moved to Japan in 2007. I have had the pleasure of  teaching people from all over the world. My students work across many industries in profession roles, including public and private sector. I will be very much looking forward to working with you to get the most out of all your opportunities.

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