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What is the Tokyo Expat Expo and Why Should You Go?

The Expat Expo in Tokyo is an annual event that provides a platform for businesses and organizations that cater to the needs of foreigners living in Japan. It is also a great opportunity for expats to network and connect with each other.

The Expo features exhibitors from a wide range of industries, including housing, education, employment, travel, and financial services. The Expo also offers a variety of seminars and workshops on topics relevant to the expat community.

The Expat Expo is held on two floors of the Trade Center building. One floor contains businesses relevant to your life in Tokyo. You can find language schools, interpretation services, international schools, housing companies, beauty and leisure services and more. The other floor is more entertainment based, with regional areas offering up travel campaigns and local entertainment, and there is a stage with various performances. Here you will have the chance to take photos while wearing traditional Japanese costumes or try your hand at some old-fashioned toys.

At the same time as the Expo, the venue will also be host to the 2nd International Job Fair Tokyo 2022, where jobseekers can bring their resume/CVs and look for potential job openings and network with various companies.

For the first time, this year there will also be the International Flea Market. Foreign families will participate by selling their old goods, and so this is a great chance to pick up things like English books and other hard to find things in Japan.

If you are an individual, the Expat Expo offers you:

  • Fun entertainment
  • A chance to discover businesses that can help your life in Japan
  • Giveaways and free goods
  • Lots of cool travel destinations
  • A place for job seekers to find work
  • Delicious foods at the World Food Fair section

If you are a company, the Expo also may be beneficial as:

  • The Friday session is a good chance for networking with businesses you may form a partnership with
  • You can increase your brand recognition with the expat market if you have your own stall
  • You can find useful services for your international employees, such as language lessons like the corporate lessons offered by Toranomon Language School –

Details for 2022:

Dates and times:

Friday 25th November: 10am – 5pm

Saturday 26th November: 10am – 4pm


Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-kan

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