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Toranomon: Where Business and Leisure Converge


Toranomon, located in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, is a noteworthy international business district. Recent redevelopment projects have transformed it into a new landmark of Tokyo, with iconic skyscrapers like Toranomon Hills, historical buildings, and renowned restaurants.


On October 6, 2023, Toranomon Hills welcomed a new addition: the 49-story Toranomon Hills Station Tower, standing at approximately 266 meters. The tower features an observation deck, event spaces, shops, and notable restaurants, along with the cutting-edge cultural hub “TOKYO NODE.” From the rooftop pool on the 49th floor, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo. Additionally, the area has seen the introduction of “T-MARKET,” which integrates design, art, and music centered around food, as well as the district’s first large-scale select shops and restaurant floors.


Toranomon Hills’ newest landmark is drawing considerable attention.

The charm of Toranomon lies in its diversity.


1. Excellent Access:

Convenient for Busy Schedules: Toranomon offers superb access to major stations like Toranomon Station and Toranomon Hills Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hibiya Lines, Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line, and Shimbashi Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

2.A Robust Business Environment:

Toranomon hosts numerous offices of major corporations and financial institutions. The Toranomon Hills complex includes facilities that support business needs, such as shops, acclaimed restaurants, museums, and conference halls.

3. Spots Rich in History and Culture:

Toranomon’s history dates back to the Edo period when it was the site of Toranomon Gate of Edo Castle. The area boasts historical sites like Atago Shrine and Shiba Park, as well as soothing spaces like the Minato Science Museum and the Weather Science Museum.

4. Refresh in Urban Greenery:

Shiba Park offers a lush green environment perfect for leisurely strolls. Enjoy views of the nearby Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge.

5. Diverse Dining Options:

So Many Choices for Lunch!

From high-end restaurants to casual eateries, izakayas, and chic cafes, Toranomon has a wide range of dining options to suit any taste.


Experience the Retro Showa-Era Atmosphere at Toranomon Yokocho!

Located on the third floor of the Toranomon Hills Business Tower, Toranomon Yokocho evokes the retro feel of Showa-era alleyways. With izakayas and standing bars lining the street, it offers an authentic Tokyo nightlife experience. It’s a great spot for a drink after work!

Restaurants & Dining

  • Toranomon Yokocho – Tokyo’s most renowned establishments gather here.
  • TORANOMON BREWERY – A collaboration shop between “NIHONBASHI BREWERY,” located in Nihonbashi, and “SUNMAI,” Taiwan’s No. 1 craft brewery with worldwide awards. At the Toranomon location, you can enjoy unique craft beers created with the keywords “fruity” and “sweet.”
  • Toranomon Sunaba – A historic soba restaurant established in 1872, now a registered tangible cultural property.
  • TARO TOKYO ONIGIRI – One of Toranomon Language school staff’s favourites.

Cafes & Lunch Spots

  • OVALCAFE – Known for its salad lunches and healthy options.
  • COFFEE Aoi – A serene cafe near Atago Shrine, offering a unique ambiance with stylish tableware and decor.
  • CAFE 105 TORANOMON – Specializes in specialty coffee and signature spice curry.
  • Peace Coffee Roasters – A cafe that roasts its own beans to provide affordable specialty coffee daily.
  • Nobucafe – Operated by Nobu Tokyo, offering a cozy atmosphere for a relaxing break.

6. Enhance Your Japanese Skills in Style

For those interested in learning Japanese, Toranomon Language School offers high-quality lessons with globally experienced instructors. The school offers a variety of courses, from half-day trial lessons to intensive courses tailored to your goals, as well as corporate training and support for international school exams. Start with a free trial!


9:30-11:30, 4 Days a week, 4-week course


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7. Enjoy a Fulfilling Life in Toranomon!

Toranomon is a constantly evolving district. Whether for business, leisure, or language learning, enjoy a fulfilling life in Toranomon!


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