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Tips and Tricks for your first time in Japan

Here in Japan, proper manners and consideration are very important characteristics. To ensure an enjoyable trip, make sure to understand these unwritten rules and follow the correct behaviors.

Street and Public Transportation

In Japanese culture, it is often considered rude to eat or drink while walking down the street. To respect the customs, try to refrain from eating publicly. Eating while walking can be seen as bad mannered so, if possible, find a place to sit down or step away from pedestrian traffic to enjoy your meal or snack!

Be mindful of your surroundings! If you are traveling with lots of luggage, ensure that your bags are not blocking the entire sidewalk, making sure to leave space for others to pass. This applies to escalators as well. For moving traffic, walk up the right side of the escalator or stay on the left side if you plan to ride it all the way up.

It is best to avoid loud conversations on public transportation. You will often hear the announcements on the loudspeaker kindly reminding passengers to refrain from cell phone use. The respectful thing to do is keep the noise minimal to make sure those around you can have a peaceful train ride.

Waste Disposal 

For first time visitors in Japan, you will quickly notice there is a shortage of public trash bins. No body likes litter, so save your trash until you have access to a bin, do not throw it on the street.


Table Manners

It is definitely more than common to come across chopsticks during your time in Japan, especially if you go out to eat. Refrain from waving your chopsticks in the air or pointing them. It is highly inconsiderate to use your chopsticks to move bowls or plates around the table. When eating with chopsticks, hold them towards their end and use them for eating only!

Embracing these etiquette tips and tricks will show your respect for the Japanese culture and enrich your travel experience. Practicing these customs can be a great way to help connect with locals and gracefully navigate social situations.

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