While you are traveling in Japan or already living in Japan, your children can enjoy culture and the language just as you do!


We are here to enrich your children’s learning opportunities with Toranomon Language School ‘Kids Japanese Summer Intensive Course! 

It will start on June 17th, the day adults group course starts.


“Since we are in Japan, I want my child to learn Japanese.” 

“… We also plan to go on holiday, but it would be a waste if they can’t take lessons for a period of time.”

 “There are many Japanese language schools, but I don’t know which one is the best…”


Have no fear! We are here to help your family during this special season.


We are proud to offer an enjoyable and effective way of learning Japanese without stress or monotony. We use high-quality, educational content curated by experienced teachers with the specific purpose of teaching children learning Japanese as a second language.


The ‘Walk and Learn’ program, which is also integrated into adult courses at Toranomon Language School, offers students the opportunity to discover nearby attractions (such as convenience stores, shrines, the NHK Museum, and Tokyo Tower). They practice practical Japanese communication, present their findings, and engage in discussions.

It’s a valuable experience for language acquisition to include exposure to Japanese life and culture. 


My children attend an international school. They have Japanese and foreign nationality friends, and I often spend time with them on playdates and at birthday parties. Some of the children are foreign nationals who have been studying Japanese since they came to Japan! Although they do not yet speak perfect or fluent Japanese, I feel like they are adjusting nicely to life in Japan. I feel this way when they make up Japanese words when interacting with me, when they understand what shopkeepers are saying, or even during small conversations with Japanese people they meet on the street. For example, the ability to say “Thank you” or “Excuse me!” when someone takes a soccer ball from you is very impressive. Having a positive outlook is truly wonderful!

Advantages of speaking Japanese in Japan:


1.   Daily Communication: Understanding Japanese provides an advantage in everyday situations like shopping,

        using public transportation, and socializing.


2.   Cultural Adaptation: Learning Japanese exposes children to Japanese customs and aids their adaptation to 

       Japanese society.


3.   Education Opportunities: Proficiency in Japanese allows children to participate in both Japanese schools and 

       other diverse educational programs.


4.   Greater Social Ability: Japanese language skills also give children more options for meeting new people and 

At Toranomon Language School, we prioritize quality input and output, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our unique ‘Walk and Learn’ program is a rare opportunity and is exclusive to Toranomon Language School. Conveniently situated in a bustling area known for business and sightseeing, we offer an exceptional language learning experience.


Kids Japanese Summer Intensive Course

Private or Group / Morning or Afternoon Sessions

From 17 June to 6 September 2024


~Example Morning Schedule~


9:00‐9:50 Hiragana and Katakana/Reading Comprehension

10:00 – 10:50 Listening Comprehension

11:00 – 11:50 Speaking and Application

(2 x 10 minutes breaks).


~Example Afternoon Schedule~


1:00‐1:50 Hiragana and Katakana/Reading Comprehension

2:00 – 2:50 Listening Comprehension

3:00 – 3:50 Speaking and Application

(2 x 10 minutes breaks).


3 hours x 5-days tickets, or 3 hours x 10-day (5% off) tickets are available

 Choose the day you attend! It makes it easier to make long-term study plans and travel plans!


Discounted plans (such as semi-private classes for two people and sibling discounts) are also available!


For more information, please click here↓.

Kids Japanese Summer Intensive Course


Experience the joy of learning Japanese while enjoying social activities! Our ‘Kids Japanese Summer Intensive Course’ promises the fun and a pathway to the future!


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