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Toranamon Language School – English After School Program

In this issue, we would like to talk about our English afterschool program, which is considered from various perspectives by ASIJ Nishimachi Inter, BST, Montessori, and other staff members who have experience in teaching inter and post-inter entrance exams and study abroad programs. Click here for details of the afterschool program   How do your […]

Japanese Kids Program – After School Club

Introducing our exciting new After School Japanese Program    Geared towards elementary and primary schoolers Get to know Hiragana and Katakana through games and picture books for beginners  Reading, writing, speaking, and listening with Kanji and social skills for intermediate and above  Speaking with confidence for all levels  Engaging in fun activities to build confidence […]

JLPT for Success – How the JLPT Test Goes Beyond Academics

Apart from just passing the JLPT, people put value on your proper communication skills. Why choose Toranomon Language Intensive Japanese Course? Improved Communication Access to Opportunities Integration into Society Navigating Daily Life Cultural Enrichment There are many reasons for wanting to level up your JLPT scores. Many focus on the educational and business motives for […]