In this issue, we would like to talk about our English afterschool program, which is considered from various perspectives by ASIJ Nishimachi Inter, BST, Montessori, and other staff members who have experience in teaching inter and post-inter entrance exams and study abroad programs.

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How do your children spend their time after school? 😊

First of all, afterschool is the time after school, which is a precious time for children to spend with clubs, lessons, homework, and playing with their friends.

These days, the term “bilingual parenting” is becoming more and more common, and at Toranomon Language we offer clubs that allow children to spend their after school hours in an English environment.

Not only are there English lessons similar to an English conversation or cram school, but homework and playtime are also conducted in English, allowing children to learn naturally. Native qualified (qualified to effectively teach English to foreign children, not childcare or housework) foreign teachers and bilingual teachers will spend time with the children and teach them English.

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☆Benefits of the English after-school program ☆

– Children can improve their listening and pronunciation skills through regular and prolonged exposure to English.

– Children can learn English in a fun and easy way through activities and games.

– Because it is a group program, children can make friends outside of their own school and broaden their horizons and friendships.

– By interacting with a variety of children, students can become more positive and confident.

-Conquer critical thinking and organizing thoughts, and learn to speak, read, and write in English at a global standard.


Program Outline

1. **Conversation Practice**:.

Conversation classes are offered by native speakers and qualified instructors, and include a variety of conversation practice for all levels, from everyday conversation to interesting topics.

2.**Lessons and Activities**:.

Using English, you will learn natural English without even realizing it through games and activities.

We also have foreign games and other games available for you to play that are conceived differently from Japanese games.

3. **Reading and Grammar**:.

This program is designed to improve the four skills through a wide range of carefully selected reading and writing. The goal is to improve reading comprehension and understanding of grammar rules.

4. **Cultural Understanding**:.

An opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of English-speaking countries. Through movies, music, food, festivals, etc., students can learn about the culture of English-speaking countries. We also provide plenty of opportunities to interact with children from English-speaking countries.

5. **Project Based Learning**: Opportunities to develop collaboration and leadership skills through group projects and presentations.

We believe it is very important to make it a habit to spend time in contact with English. Therefore, at Toranomon Language, we offer our services every weekday.

We have a ticket system, so even if it is difficult to come every day, you can come just on the days you can. You can use the service according to your convenience.

You can come with your friends, your siblings, or of course by yourself!

Not only English, but also hobbies and the chance to meet like-minded friends. ☺️

The English After School Club is a wonderful opportunity for children to not only become confident users of English, but also to broaden their international horizons and deepen their understanding of other cultures!

Please take a look at this opportunity as one way to spend time after school.

And at Toranomon Language, we offer free trial lessons.

We will be happy to discuss with you about our after-school program and other programs as well.

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