Apart from just passing the JLPT, people put value on your proper communication skills.

Why choose Toranomon Language Intensive Japanese Course?

  • Improved Communication

  • Access to Opportunities

  • Integration into Society

  • Navigating Daily Life

  • Cultural Enrichment

There are many reasons for wanting to level up your JLPT scores. Many focus on the educational and business motives for JLPT, but it also helps you out in your personal life. Aside from academics, do you want to interact with the locals more? How about consuming a wider variety of international movies or novels? If you are not really sure about where your goals lie, here are some of the top reasons for leveling up your Japanese with Toranomon Language School.


Improved Communication: Knowing Japanese opens up avenues for more meaningful interactions with locals. From everyday conversations with neighbors and colleagues to navigating public transportation or ordering at restaurants, being able to communicate in Japanese fosters greater connections and understanding within the community.


Access to Opportunities: Fluency in Japanese can broaden professional opportunities in Tokyo. Many job postings in Japan require not just JLPT, but true Japanese language proficiency in proper speaking, and having strong language skills can open doors to a wider range of employment options, career advancement, and networking opportunities within the local market.


Integration into Society: Speaking Japanese facilitates integration into Japanese society. It helps expatriates feel more at home, understand cultural nuances, and participate in local customs and events. This integration fosters a sense of belonging and enriches the overall experience of living in Tokyo.


Navigating Daily Life: Tokyo’s bustling environment can be overwhelming for newcomers, but knowing Japanese can ease the transition. Understanding signs, announcements, and written information in Japanese makes daily tasks like grocery shopping, banking, and accessing services much more manageable and less stressful.

Cultural Enrichment: Learning Japanese offers deeper insights into Japanese culture, history, and traditions. Living in Tokyo provides countless opportunities to immerse oneself in cultural experiences, from attending traditional festivals and visiting historic sites to exploring contemporary art and entertainment. Understanding the language enhances appreciation and participation in these cultural activities, enriching one’s life in Tokyo.

Learning Japanese enhances communication, opens up opportunities, facilitates integration, simplifies daily life, and enriches cultural experiences, making life in Tokyo more fulfilling and rewarding.

Join us at Toranomon Language School for our Intensive Group Classes to make your life more enjoyable!



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