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Learn the Japanese basics for living in Japan at Blink Roppongi

Walk and Learn in Tokyo

Walk and Learn in Tokyo

  • Experience Japan through your own eyes! Set aside your textbooks and explore Japan by putting your beginner Japanese skills into actual practice
  • Then take your newfound knowledge of common Japanese phrases and vocabulary and explore the town on your own!
  • If you’ve just moved to Japan, or just started learning Japanese, this is the workshop for you
  • You will learn the language basics in the most practical way – by using Japanese around Tokyo!
  • Use real Japanese straight away by going out to nearby convenience stores, supermarkets, or if you prefer, Japanese fast food restaurants, and interacting with people.
  • Of course, our instructor will be with you the entire time to support you if you get stuck!
  • You’ll learn Japanese at lightning speed through real-life practice!
  • Start your new life in Japan on the right foot!
  • Decide on the place, suggested plans, time and day upon free consultation: FREE CONSULTATION

What you CAN take away from this course

    • How to greet people in Japanese
    • How to ask for directions in Japanese
    • How to go shopping and interact with Japanese staff
    • How to shop for the groceries that meet your dietary requirements
    • How to order at a restaurant, as well as tips on the best hidden places to eat in the area
    • Learn common Japanese sayings and useful Japanese phrases


Part 1

Learn vocab and Japanese phrases in the classroom

Part 2

Leave the classroom and ask for directions to your destination

Part 3

Go shopping and interact with the staff in Japanese

Part 4

Return to class and review what you’ve learnt and what you’re unsure of

Application Deadline

By 17:00 the day before your desired workshop date

Schedule &

  • The event is held monthly
  • See the banner for details

Number of

  • Classes of 2-6 students


Price per workshop:

Adults: ¥9,800

Children (age 6-12): ¥4,500

+ Expenses ocurred while shopping (What you buy is up to you!)