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The plentitude of summer flowers in Japan and where to see them

Japan is renowned for its distinct four seasons. In the summer, Japan bursts to life with an array of visually appealing and splendidly fragrant flowers. From the start of the season, Japan’s landscapes are decorated with vibrant blooms, making it an ideal time to explore the country’s natural beauty.

Best places to see lotus flowers (Hasunohana)

Flourishing in ponds and marshy areas, lotus flowers “hasu”, are associated with purity and enlightenment in Japanese culture. Mostly in shades of white and pink, lotus flowers can also be blue, purple or yellow.

Shinobazu Pond at Ueno Park in Taito City, Tokyo is a large, natural pond separated into three sections. To reach this destination, go to Ueno station and take the Ueno Park Exit. This train line loops around central Tokyo. In this tranquil setting it is easy to find peace while reconnecting with nature. There is a duck pond, a boat pond and a lotus pond. The lotus pond is filled with the beautiful lotus flowers that pop up from beneath the pond’s surface.

Gyosen Park located in Edogawa City is a space dedicated to Japanese gardens and a zoo. It is a park that is beautiful in any season. A peaceful pond sits on the ground layered with delicate lotus flowers making it a serene setting.

Best places to see hydrangeas (Ajisai)

The beginning of summer is the best time to see hydrangeas or “ajisai”. These flowers bloom in shades of blue, pink, purple and white brightening the scenery next to temples or mundane streets.

The Hasedera Temple in Kanagawa, the southern Kanto region, is a great location to admire these flowers. With thousands of hydrangeas planted in the area and 25 different varieties growing in the grounds, it is undoubtedly an alluring destination.

Taking a trip over to the Hakusan Shrine in Tokyo Bunkyo City is another excellent spot to view the flowers. They are in full bloom along the path leading to the shrine which offers a perfect spot for a photo or a leisurely walk.

Best places to see chrysanthemum (kiku)

For a classic and romantic flower, chrysanthemums or “kiku”, can be seen across Tokyo. These flowers are bright and cheerful when in full bloom and typically peak between September and November.


The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen hosts a chrysanthemum exhibition in November. It showcases a wide variety of chrysanthemum types and arrangements which is a great photo spot with friends and it is in the heart of Tokyo. The garden exhibit displays names and details of each type of flower and provides descriptions and history on the names. 

Kyoto Botanical Gardens  – Located in Kyoto, this garden is known for its extensive collection of plants, Kyoto Botanical Garden holds chrysanthemum exhibitions in October and November, displaying various species and cultivars. The best part about paying a visit to this exhibit is its wide collection of many different types of plants.


The trip to the gardens will be a fun morning activity if one is planning to take a trip to Kyoto this season!

Best places to see sunflowers (Himawari)

For all the yellow lovers, sunflowers or “himawari”, can be seen in a variety of locations. These flowers are bright and cheerful when in full bloom and typically peak in July and August.


The Akeno Sunflower Field in the Akeno district of Chikusei City is an incredible sight. This is an annual festival that began in 1993 and guests are welcome to participate in the sunflower maze and have the option to purchase locally made goods. The flowers are lit up after sunset creating a dazzling display of illuminated flowers underneath the night sky.

The Zama Sunflower Field in Kanagawa, about an hour outside of Tokyo, has a total of 550,000 flowers bloom each year at their festival. Here, people can enjoy music and delicious delicacies while surrounded by the beauty of the flowers. Sunflower pasta and beverages such as beer are available for purchase creating a fun environment for the community at an event that should not be missed!

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