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I want to land a job this summer! I want to improve my business skills during my summer vacation!

Toranomon Language specializes in Business English education by experienced, top-notch instructors. Business English schools are inevitably expensive, but we have good news for those of you who want to save money! For a limited time this summer, we are offering a discount campaign for those who refer one friend to our school.

20% discount for referrals made by the end of July
10% discount for referrals made by the end of August 

Courses for which the discount is applied

Business English Skill Up

This Business English course covers the basic English skills needed to work in an international company. Classes incorporate role-play scenarios such as “superiors and subordinates,” “colleagues and coworkers,” and “the company and its customers,” in which students practice specific work situations that require a high level of communication skills. In addition, students will learn public speaking skills, including presentation and meeting facilitation, and how to write business e-mails to gain confidence in using English at work.

* This course is for group lessons only.


Procedures for enrolling

1】Take a free counseling session

You can attend the counseling session with a friend or alone.

After your invited friend has also decided to take the same course, we will give you and your friend a coupon code.


【2】Purchase your membership

Please use the coupon code when you purchase your membership.


3】 Reserve your class.

After purchasing a membership, please reserve a class.


4】Take a class

Take a class and improve your skills!


Target audience

Students who plan to take the “Business English Skill Up” group lesson and their friends.



  • This campaign is subject to change or end without notice.
  • The campaign code will be issued once the referred person has attended the counseling session and expressed his/her intention to take the course.
  • Please be sure to ask our staff about this campaign at the time of referral.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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