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Nominication: TLS x Courrier Japan

“How to chase away the rainy day blues?”

“What are the pros and cons of AI in daily tasks?”

On the 27th of June, we had the opportunity to host an exciting connection event at WeWork Shinigawa with Courrier Japan. With their help we were able to execute our “Nominication” event, combining drinking “nomi” with communication! This event is a great opportunity for native Japanese speakers to practice their english with likeminded people.

Our first prompt “how to chase away the rainy day blues?” was answered and shared between each table, a fun answer from an attendee was simply hanging out with friends and embracing the rainy day, as she explained she enjoyed the rain more than rejecting the “blues” of it.

The second prompt took a bit more thought, as artificial intelligence can be a tricky topic, a high school teacher who attended the event mentioned AI can be troublesome because students use it to cheat frequently on homework assignments. While another person mentioned that AI is frequently used in his workplace as he is a software developer, and uses it to find issues in code. This is just a few examples of how complex and intricate these topics can get! Which all provide a great conversation topic to practice English!

This event is unique because it combines friendly drinking and provides a relaxing meetup while simultaneously brushing up on english skills! Each event provides free drinks and a fun prompt finishing off with some speed networking!

Many educated and global speakers have attended and shared their ideas on the topics above at our Wednesday event.

There is nothing better than discussing global topics with likeminded people in the area, which makes this event also a great place to promote personal business, make friends, and professional connections!

Communicating in english can certainly be a challenge and sometimes intimidating, but Toranamon Language School is there to facilitate and support attendees in communicating their ideas with ease.

The supportive environment provided by the attendance of english instructors ensures that attendees feel empowered to communicate effectively in English, overcoming any initial hesitations or language barriers they may have. Such initiatives are crucial in today’s interconnected world, where effective communication skills and cultural competence are increasingly valued.

Events like the “Nominication” represent more than just language practice; they embody a holistic approach to personal and professional development through meaningful interactions and shared experiences. They serve as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in promoting language fluency, cross-cultural understanding, and lifelong learning.

We provide opportunities to learn practical Japanese more enjoyable and efficiently through real-life experiences.We will continue to hold events like this regularly, so if you’re interested, please consider joining us. You are always welcome! Our link is down below for our popular global english class, with this class you can broaden your connections by meeting new individuals within your network.(link here to globalize your network). Private English lessons are also available to accelerate your English learning experience so you can express yourself and your ideas immediatley. (link to private courses here).

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