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Make New Memories in Tokyo: Learn Japanese as a Family and Create Unforgettable Experiences at Toranomon!

Hello to everyone living in Japan!


Exciting news from Toranomon Language School! We’re thrilled to introduce our new parent-child program, “Walk and Learn”, exclusively on Fridays as part of our fun and engaging summer course lineup. Let me tell you more about it.

Our program is designed to make learning Japanese fun, focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our bilingual Japanese teachers can communicate in English when needed, ensuring thorough understanding. Plus, with enjoyable activities integrated into the lessons, your child will be encouraged to speak Japanese confidently. Every Friday, we have a special “Walk and Learn” activity, where kids explore the area around the school while using Japanese in real-life situations.


Course Details:

Duration: Available any week between now and September 6th (School Closure: July 15th and August 12th, 2024)

Days: Monday to Friday

Time: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM or 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM (or why not join a full day with AM and PM pass?)


Semi-Private for Two: 5-day pass ¥133,500, 10-day pass ¥253,650 (5% off).

Group Class: 5-day pass ¥42,000, 10-day pass ¥80,000 (5% off)

*Parent-child pairs receive a 10% discount on the total fee.

Benefits: Free drinks, and “Walk and Learn” Fridays (parents can join too – see below for details).

Learn practical, everyday Japanese that you can use to enjoy life and travel in Tokyo more fully. You’ll cover phrases for various scenarios like family, travel, dining, hobbies, and international news. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the course emphasizes speaking while balancing other essential skills.


Course Details:

Duration: 4-week course (School Closure: July 15th and August 12th, 2024)

Days: Monday to Thursday (4 days per week)

Time: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Fees: 1 week ¥38,000, 4 weeks ¥129,200 (15% off).

*Parent-child pairs receive a 10% discount on the total fee.

Benefits: Free drinks, optional Friday classes (additional Half Day Crash Course available on a daily basis).

Best of All:

Both the kids’ summer course and the adults’ intensive course run at the same time in the morning (or join a full day with AM and PM passes), so you can attend with your child and each enjoy your respective classes. This leaves your afternoons free to explore Tokyo! Plus, with a 10% discount for parent-child enrollment, it’s an affordable way for the whole family to learn together. Our programs have been incredibly popular since their launch, with many families already participating.

Why not dive into the world of Japanese this summer at Toranomon Language School? We promise an unforgettable summer filled with fun learning and sightseeing.

Looking forward to seeing you at Toranomon Language School!

Located in Tokyo’s vibrant Toranomon, our course focuses on practical Japanese phrases and speaking skills for daily use in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, enhancing your enjoyment and comfort in Japan.

Walk & Learn Japanese: In a 2.5-hour program combining textbook learning and real-world experiences, you and your kids can gain practical Japanese skills to explore Japan independently.

Led by professional bilingual teachers, strengthen all four core Japanese skills through personalized consultations and engaging activities, including a weekly ‘Walk and Learn’ outing.

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