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Toranomon Language School has released the schedule for our 2023-2024 Winter Classes and 2024 Spring Classes for kids.

These classes are a great chance for your kids to learn Japanese in a fun and engaging setting. Some examples of who might enjoy this class are:

  • Returnee families who have returned from abroad and the kids need to brush up on their Japanese before April 2024 school
  • Kids in international schools who don’t learn much Japanese there, but the parents want them to actually learn the language of the country they live in
  • Parents who are looking for a fun yet educational class for the holidays
  • Families with kids who will enter Japanese school in 2024 and need a head start, or with kids who are already in Japanese school and need some extra help

The Winter Class:

Date: November 28 – January 5
Price: 3,800 yen per lesson (group) or 5,800 yen per lesson (private)

The Spring Class:

Date: March 1 – April 19
Time: Morning and afternoon classes
Price: 3,800 yen per lesson (group) or 5,800 yen per lesson (private)

About the courses:

These are short-term, intensive courses designed to teach your child Japanese quickly. The focus is on PRACTICAL Japanese that they will use in their school lives.

As it is the holidays, we do not have our students hunched silently over textbooks. We want the kids to have FUN learning. Our classes are engaging and have a lot of student talk time.

The private courses are completely customised to the student, while the group classes are sorted by age and ability.

Kids will learn relevant vocabulary and kanji, practice reading comprehension and most of all, work on speaking and applying what they have learned to speaking aloud. The aim is for all the kids to have fun and develop confidence in Japanese!

See the full course info @

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