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Toranomon is a district located in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Known for its prominent business and embassy presence, the area features modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and corporate offices. Toranomon’s central location makes it a strategic business hub, and its evolving urban landscape reflects Tokyo’s dynamic and cosmopolitan character.

Toranomon Hills

Just a 3-minute walk from Toranomon Language School, you can find yourself at Toranomon Hills, a complex that includes a shopping mall, offices, and a hotel. One particularly interesting spot to explore is the Toranomon Yokocho (虎ノ門横丁) located on the 3rd floor. Toranomon Yokocho is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary offerings while also still maintaining a more traditional Japanese dining experience. 

Make sure to use the Japanese you learn at TLS to order some Italian-Japanese fusion sushi, or some more traditional yakitori!

Hibiya Park


Sometimes Tokyo can get a little hectic, if you are someone who loves finding a breath of fresh air within your busy lifestyle, walk over to Hibiya Park. Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Hibiya Park is a serene escape from the city’s hustle which combines Western and Japanese Landscaping. From the French garden which exudes a timeless elegance, to the fountain plaza which feels like an urban oasis, you can find yourself in a relaxing atmosphere. Hibiya Park also serves as a cultural hub, hosting events, concerts, and art exhibitions for those seeking a chance for cultural immersion.

Atago Jinja

Just past Toranomon Hills, you can find yourself at the steps of Atago Jinja. As Toranomon is a big business hub, it only makes sense to go to Atago Jinja which is associated with prosperous business. This shrine is settled on top of the highest natural mountain in the 23 wards and you can enjoy all seasons here, with cherry blossoms in spring and the buzz of cicadas in summer. 

Take a look at some of our courses focused on business Japanese proficiency and pair it with a stop at Atago Jinja for success!

All in all, Toronomon is an exciting city to visit in the heart of Tokyo. From good eats, modern skyscrapers, escapes into nature, and more, make sure to seize the opportunity and explore!

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