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Learn Japanese AM, Explore Confidently PM! Family Discount Available! (Flexible Schedule)

Calling all travelers who want to learn Japanese in the morning while many stores and facilities are closed until close to noon, then explore the cities in the afternoon with confidence while you are here! With the whole family! Now with the special offer!


We have a method that will help you learn Japanese skills in a fun, stress-free, and efficient way!

You can quickly learn practical Japanese in the morning, “walk and learn” on some days, so in the afternoon, you can use what you have learned to go sightseeing in Tokyo! Learn both the Japanese language and culture!


We use high-quality materials and lessons designed by experienced instructors for beginners to advanced, from kids to adults. These courses will also satisfy you who are self-taught students of Japanese and want to challenge your skills in practical situations!!




Special Family Plan!! (Limited offer)

If you register for an adult course at the same time as your child, you will receive a Free Registration Fee and a Special Discount Coupon!


The school is located in Toranomon, the hottest and safest spot in central Tokyo.

Toranomon Language School is located in a bustling area famous as both a business district and a tourist destination, mixture of old and new culture as well. Recently, it has become even more popular with the opening of Azabu-dai Hills next to Toranomon Hills Towers, a good contrast to old power spot shrines like Atago Shrine or Tokyo Tower





Why Choose Toranomon Language School?


*Deepen understanding of Japanese without stress: English explanations available from professional bilingual instructors.


*Flexible enrollment system that is convenient for busy families: You can decide your own schedule and take classes according to your travel plans or outings. (One-day crash courses are also available!)


*Deep connections with international schools: We also offer English programs for children aiming to enter international schools, as well as entrance support and post-admission support. We understand the situation and circumstances of international schools and families.


*Learn Japanese in your child’s preferred learning style: Your child can learn in a class (or private) that suits their pace and level.


*Free counseling to propose the best start: First, please let us know your wishes and goals in a free counseling session.


*”Walk and Learn” on Fridays: We also offer a unique program that is only available at Toranomon Language School. Students can use Japanese while walking around the area and practice it in a fun and practical way!

  • Discuss your impressions in Japanese while looking at the view of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower
  • Learn the history of the nearest famous shrine and learn how to visit shrines properly, experience fun elements of it like drawing omikuji (fortune slips)
  • Learn about the history of Japanese TV programs at the NHK Broadcasting Museum, or
  • Talk to store clerks at convenience stores and shops.

We place importance on high-quality input and output both inside and outside the classroom. Toranomon is the perfect place for language learning, and the “Walk and Learn” experience is unique to Toranomon.

We are sure you and your child will be satisfied!

Special Family Plan!! Whole family gets 10% off (Limited offer)

If you register for an adult course at the same time as your child, you will receive a Free Registration Fee and a Special Discount Coupon!

*Both the child and the parent will enjoy a 10% discount off the total amount together.

9:30-11:30, 4 Days a week, 4-week course

Ticket Options *2.5-hour x 1 ticket are available too (Half Day Crash Course)!

  • 2.5-hour x 5-day ticket: ¥42,000 (Group)
  • 2.5-hour x 10-day ticket: ¥80,000 (5% discount) (Group)


Flexible scheduling to suit your needs (Choose dates that fit your child’s learning plan or travel itinerary!)

Semi-private lessons for 2 students and sibling discounts are available

Class Times (AM or PM)

  • Morning: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Afternoon: 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM


Toranomon Language School, WeWork DXT Toranomon (Central Tokyo)


Complimentary drinks provided

Maximize your Tokyo adventure!

Squeeze this course into your schedule – you won’t regret it.

Enroll Today!

Please feel free to contact us,

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