Which is the best Japanese to English online translator?

There are countless web translation tools that convert Japanese into English.
Many of you may be wondering which web translation tools are the best and how accurate they are.
In this article, I, as a Japanese, have examined the web translation tools that I recommend and their accuracy. Here are the best:

Three notes on how to choose the best Japanese to English web translation tool:

We have compiled a list of three basic points to think about when it comes to recommended web translation tools.

1. Security:

Many of the recommended paid web translation tools come with a feature that encrypts the communication.
Or, if the text you input and the translated text are not stored on the server, you can protect your personal information and do not have to worry about confidential information leaking out of your company.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some free web translation tools require you to check the security of your contracts, personal information, etc. before you translate them to the web.
You may want to contact the web translation provider to find out how they are taking steps to prevent information leakage. Be careful when using free tools for confidential documents!

2. Customization:

Did you know that web translation can be customized for each user who translates? This generally applies to paid tools, although of course AI tools learn continuously even with free tools.

When you use AI automated web translation, the database of the artificial intelligence will provide you with the most suitable translation from the content you have translated in the past to the content you will translate this time.

One of the reasons why AI automated translation is recommended is that it can automatically customize the translation the more you translate.
Also, as I mentioned in the security section, many of the services that offer web translation with databases use data communication encryption.
This feature prevents data from being leaked to the outside world.

3. Check how many registered users there are:

When using a recommended web translation tool, the price usually varies depending on the number of registered users.

Basically, the more users you have, the higher the price will be, but if you calculate the price divided by the number of users, the price per user will actually be lower.

There are a variety of plans available, including unlimited use and a fixed limit for web translation.
Contact the respective provider’s website for the number of registrations and pricing to see what suits you or your company.

Next, we will introduce two types of web translation tools: one that is free for personal use, and one that is recommended for business use.

5 Recommended Free Web Translation Tools

Based on the points to keep in mind when using web translation tools summarized above, here are some providers of free web translation services that we actually recommend.

First of all, free web translation tools are recommended for those who only need to translate a limited amount of content on the web.

Please see below for the number of languages supported and features of each tool.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most famous and recommended free web translation tools.
It is easy to use, simple and supports many languages.

Number of languages supported

  • More than 100 languages can be translated.


  • You can translate a website by voice, text input, or by entering the URL of the page.
  • The app version allows you to download translation files for offline translation (PDFs!)
  • Can translate up to 5,000 characters at a time.

DeepL translation

A web translation service developed by a German company.
If you are looking for a smooth translation but with machine translation by AI, we recommend DeepL translation. It is generally more accurate than Google Translate.

Number of languages supported

  • More than 24 languages can be translated.


  • A smoother translation experience, including support for some languages.
  • There is currently no mobile app, so you will need to use the PC version of the app.
  • Can translate up to 5,000 characters at a time.

Bing Translate

This is a web translation service provided by Microsoft.
It is a useful tool for translating colloquial language.

Languages supported

  • You can translate from English into over 70 languages.


  • Supports camera translation and conversation translation
  • Can be used offline by downloading the app.

Weblio Translation

Conveniently performs multiple translations for a single word search at a time.
Strong for specialized words and sentences with different nuances.

Languages supported

  • Translation between Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean is possible.


  • Specializes in translation of Asian languages, and has a large number of words in each language.
  • Capable of translating up to 4,000 characters at a time

Excite Translation

A web translation service that specializes in specialized fields rather than daily conversation.
This service is recommended for those who are looking for a more specialized web translation service, as it can be segmented in detail.

Number of languages supported

  • 32 languages can be translated.


  • Specializes in 8 fields: science, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, engineering, sociology, humanities, arts, sports, and lifestyle.
  • By choosing a field, you can get a smooth translation, and the nuances may differ slightly depending on the field you choose.
  • Up to 2,000 characters can be translated at a time.

7 Recommended Web Translation Tools for Business

Next, let’s take a look at some recommended paid web translation tools.
Paid web translation tools are recommended for companies that translate large amounts of complex content for the web.

There are two main reasons for this.

  • Most paid web translation tools have the ability to translate large amounts of data in an instant.
  • In some cases, after the automatic AI translation is done, a service is provided to check whether the translation is smooth and professional.

The ability to translate multiple languages in an instant, without any hassle, can increase your work efficiency several times over.
For more information on the number of languages supported and the features of each tool, please see below.

COTOHA Translator

Nearly native-level translation with attention to safety.
As a feature of COTOHA Translator, all translated documents and sentences will not be retained.

Number of languages supported

  • 25 languages can be translated.


  • Conference materials and files can be translated directly.
  • Specialized legal translations are available through partnerships with legal professionals.
  • Minimum contract period is one year.

DeepL Pro

There are three types of paid web translation services to choose from.
For two of them, you can try them out from the 30-day free trial version.

Number of languages supported

  • More than 24 languages can be translated.


  • Unlike the free version, there is no character limit, but you can translate from 5 to 100 documents depending on your purchase plan.
  • Text files can be translated directly.
  • The minimum number of users is 3.

Zinrai Translation Service

Web translation tool provided by Fujitsu.
Capable of translating between Japanese and English, and between Japanese and Chinese.
By deleting the data of the source of the web translation, there are no security issues.

Number of languages supported

  • Translation is possible in three languages.


  • Support for PDF, Skype, and chatbots
  • Office documents can be translated in a few minutes
  • You can customize the operation screen to your liking.
  • Basic plan: Available from 165,000 yen/month

Mirai Translation

It is possible to translate 20 files at once.
The translation is almost native-like.

Number of languages supported

  • 23 languages can be translated.


  • Voice translation is available.


Almost native-level translation is possible.
Covers over 2000 specialized fields of translation.

Number of languages supported

  • More than 100 languages can be translated.


  • Can be implemented in small offices with less than 10 employees.
  • Automatic AI translation with 95% accuracy
  • Specializes in specialized fields such as pharmaceuticals, finance, machinery, chemistry, legal, IT, etc.


This is a tool for automatic translation of web conferences provided by ObotAI.
It is a tool that can automatically translate text from speech recognition, upload audio files, and record audio on the spot.
You can also upload audio files and record audio on the spot.

Number of languages supported

  • More than 100 languages can be translated.


  • By using our original technology to improve the accuracy of speech recognition and transcription, we are able to provide a translation level close to that of native speakers.
  • Furthermore, by using the dictionary registration function, various technical terms can be supported.
  • It is also equipped with a tool that allows you to upload MP3 audio files for transcription and automatic translation.

If you need a document translated to 100% native level, Toranomon Language School offers this service.

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