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The Art of Kangeiko

As winter settles into Japan, it’s tempting to just cozy up under the kotatsu and ride out the weather. With harsh winds and shorter days, retreating indoors becomes the norm for many. Yet, for some, these cold days become an invitation to seek change in a pursuit of mental resilience. Kangeiko (寒稽古), in Japanese, […]

Exploring Toranomon

  Toranomon is a district located in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Known for its prominent business and embassy presence, the area features modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and corporate offices. Toranomon’s central location makes it a strategic business hub, and its evolving urban landscape reflects Tokyo’s dynamic and cosmopolitan character. Toranomon Hills Just a 3-minute walk from […]

Toranomon Language School Bonenkai

It’s a blast!   Recently, our teachers and staff enjoyed a bonenkai together! Bonenkai (忘年会) refers to year-end parties, typically held in December. The term translates to “forget the year gathering” in English. These parties serve as a way for people to socialize, relax, and bid farewell to the events and stress of the past […]