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Communication in Japanese Business Culture

Effective use of communication is the key to success, but cross-cultural communication can either help or hurt your business productivity. When engaging with international companies, specifically Japan where lots of emphasis is placed on work culture, it can be intimidating. Let us share with you some insights for verbal and nonverbal communication inJapanese business culture […]

Follow along with us as we continue our “Walk and Learns”

Today, we continued with our “Walk and Learn” program at Toranomon Language School by taking the kids to the Police Museum here in Tokyo where they learned how the Tokyo Metropolitan Police keep them safe! The museum was followed by a trip to the 7-11 where the kids got treats of their choice. These “Walk […]

Tips and Tricks for your first time in Japan

Here in Japan, proper manners and consideration are very important characteristics. To ensure an enjoyable trip, make sure to understand these unwritten rules and follow the correct behaviors. Street and Public Transportation In Japanese culture, it is often considered rude to eat or drink while walking down the street. To respect the customs, try to […]

The plentitude of summer flowers in Japan and where to see them

Japan is renowned for its distinct four seasons. In the summer, Japan bursts to life with an array of visually appealing and splendidly fragrant flowers. From the start of the season, Japan’s landscapes are decorated with vibrant blooms, making it an ideal time to explore the country’s natural beauty. “ Best places to see lotus […]

First “Walk and Learn” – Immersive Learning at Science Museum in Tokyo

Kids Japanese Course 2024 Has Started! -Join Now! Here at Toranomon we get out of the traditional classroom setting and immerse our students in real world experiences and Japanese culture where they can apply their learnings. Today, the students were taken on a field trip to the Minato Science Museum and later on to the […]


【毎年(まいとし)でも訪(おとず)れたい国(くに)、日本(にほん)!】   こんにちは、虎ノ門(とらのもん)ランゲージです! 東京にある語学学校(ごがくがっこう)です。   今日は、日本語を勉強(べんきょう)している皆(みな)さんに、東京や日本観光(にほんかんこう)の楽しさや魅力(みりょく)を伝(つた)えたいと思います。   東京で遊(あそ)ぼう!   東京は、日本の首都(しゅと)です。 東京には、遊べる場所(ばしょ)がたくさんあります! 大きなお城(しろ)がある「皇居(こうきょ)」に行ってみましょう! “” 高い塔(とう)に登(のぼ)って、東京の景色(けしき)を楽しめます。東京スカイツリーからの眺(なが)めは最高(さいこう)です! “6_0099_20_1400x1100.jpg (1400×1100) (” 仲見世通(なかみせどお)りで、おいしいお煎餅(せんべい)や人形(にんぎょう)を買えます。浅草寺(あさくさでら)にお参(まい)りも忘(わす)れずに! “” 渋谷(しぶや)で、若者(わかもの)の街(まち)を楽しめます。オシャレなお店やカフェがたくさんあります。 “49018355193_5099b96c0a_o.jpg (4608×3456) (” 原宿(はらじゅく)で、個性的(こせいてき)なファッションをチェックできます。竹下通(たけしたどお)りには、びっくりするようなお店がたくさんあります! “th-akiba-saikaihatsu_img06-scaled.jpg (2560×1702) (” 秋葉原(あきはばら)で、アニメやゲームグッズを探(さが)せます。電気屋(でんきや)が沢山(たくさん)ある街(まち)としても有名(ゆうめい)です。 “th-akiba-saikaihatsu_img06-scaled.jpg (2560×1702) (” 日本のおいしい料理(りょうり) 日本には、おいしい料理がいっぱい!「お寿司(すし)」は世界中(せかいじゅう)で大人気(だいにんき)ですね! 中華麺(ちゅうかめん)とスープが自慢(じまん)の「ラーメン」。種類(しゅるい)もいっぱいあります。みそ、しょうゆ、とんこつ、塩(しお)。みなさんは何味(なにあじ)が一番好きですか? “” ころもがサクサクな「天ぷら」。 “” 鶏肉(とりにく)を串(くし)に刺(さ)して焼いた「焼き鳥(やきとり)」。タレや塩(しお)で食べられます。 日本の美しい景色(けしき) 日本には、季節(きせつ)ごとに違(ちが)う、美しい景色があります。 もうすぐ夏が来ます。夏は、緑(みどり)がいっぱいになって、海(うみ)や山(やま)で遊(あそ)べます。 日本語を勉強(べんきょう)しよう! 日本語を勉強すると、日本の文化(ぶんか)や自然(しぜん)をもっと楽しめます。 日本語ができれば、日本の人ともっと仲良(なかよ)くなれます。 ぜひ、日本語を勉強して、日本を満喫(まんきつ)してくださいね!   Toranomon Language School 日本語コース (Japanese Courses) Facebook Twitter

Mastering the JLPT N2 Vocabulary Section: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

The JLPT N2 exam is a significant milestone for Japanese language learners, marking proficiency in intermediate-level skills. One of the crucial aspects of this exam is the vocabulary section, which tests candidates’ knowledge of a wide range of words and expressions. In this blog post, we’ll dive into strategies, tips, and resources to help you […]

Complete Guide to Passing the JLPT N2 and N3 level in 2024

Prepare for the JLPT N3 and N2 exam with this JLPT guide! Learn all about the structure of the test, study techniques and more to successfully pass in 2024! Are you ready to take the JLPT exam? This guide will help you understand the structure of the exam, prepare with effective study techniques and gain […]

Four Obstacles of the JLPT 2024 and How You Can Overcome Them!

The path to JLPT success can be daunting, filled with challenges and unexpected pitfalls along the way. From neglecting vocabulary to struggling with time management, many test takers face common obstacles that can hinder their progress.  However, at Toranomon Language School, we believe that with the right guidance and strategies, these obstacles can be overcome. […]

Useful Japanese- Ordering at a Restaurant

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious foodie, stepping into a Japanese restaurant can be a fun adventure. From the aroma of simmering broths to the intricate presentation of sushi, Japanese cuisine offers a rich tapestry of flavors and textures waiting to be explored. However, for those unfamiliar with the language, ordering can sometimes […]