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For Upper Intermediate to Advanced

Japanese evening course

Twice a week group course for busy people

Elevate your understanding and fluency by exploring discussions on subjects such as global affairs, cutting-edge technology, cultural insights, and more.

Get together in the heart of Toranomon to learn practical Japanese that you can use immediately after every lesson!  You will be discussing on current topics such as global affairs, cutting-edge technology, cultural insights, and more. 

Why choose TLS?

  • Experienced teachers who understand struggles upper intermediate to advanced learners face when speeaking Japanese such as structuring longer sentences with correct conjugations, honorific expressions, social skills, etc.
  • Customized lessons materials using authentic and currenet topics will enable students to immediiately apply the learning into their workplace, private life, etc. In addition, optional tours and free bilingual events, will accelerate your speaking skills, while you enjoy your life in Tokyo more!

Class Format

  • Small Group Size. Maximum 6 students
  • 2 x 75 minutes classes a week.
  • You can choose 8, 24 and 36 lessons membership
  • Focused on natural daily conversation plus grammar structure for broader application

Course Takeaways & Highlights

  • Expressing opinions confidently without being rude
  • Social skills and fluency through abundant group works over topics on news, business, and culture.
  • Reinforcement on listening comprehension
  • Emails and presentation skills
  • Be proficient on more Kanji and expressions to increase vocabulary

Selective cultural experiences

SAmple course

a teacher and students of Toranomon Language School talking in a shopping tour

Japanese in Newspapers and News Sources


About the Course

Understand Japanese newspapers and TV news using materials such as, Nikkei articles, NHK news, etc., to acquire vocabulary and expressions, and then apply them trough discussions

Target Audience

Intermediate to advanced learners (N3, N2, and N1)

Want to understand Japanese news or discussions during internal meetings, but lack vocabulary, or listening skills. Want to learn how to apply new expressions and vocabulary in speaking with confidence.


Understand and discuss on news in Japanese using NHK’s web news and and other actual newspaper articles including Nikkei Shimbun.

Learning and applying new vocabulary and expressions for more fluency

  • Speaking with confidence without being rud.
  • Understand vocabulary and expressions used in the news and discussions
  • Understand, summarize, and explain the content of news stories.
  • Can discuss the situation in one’s own country by explaining the situation and giving other examples.


From 4,410yen

Per 75-minute lesson

4,900yen x 8 lessons

4,655yen x 24 lessons

4,410yen x 48 lessons

Sign up for 8 or more lessons and receive a free “walk and learn” session! Where your teacher will accompany you to a practical location like a supermarket or restaurant, and practice using Japanese in real life with you (for example: order in a tempura restaurant while explaining that you dislike mushrooms so could you replace the mushroom with something else).