Japanese lesson for advanced learners

Global Japanese Group

Achieving fluency and mastering native-like Japanese communications

Join our Advanced Group Class where we delve into comprehensive topics! Explore advanced discussions on subjects such as global affairs, cutting-edge technology, cultural insights, and more. Elevate your understanding and fluency with Toranomon Language School.”

Why choose TLS?

  • Experienced teachers who understand struggles beginners face when learning Japanese
  • Customized lessons materials, speaking over tea each time, optional tours and meet up events, will accelerate your speaking skills, while you enjoy your life in Tokyo more!

Class Format

  • Small Group Size. Maximum 6 students
  • 2 x 75 minutes classes a week.
  • You can choose 8, 24 and 36 lessons membership
  • Focused on natural daily conversation plus grammar structure for broader application

Course Takeaways & Highlights

  • Open discussions over N2 N1 level Japanese vocab and grammar based readings
  • Advanced and natural conversation so you will have more confidence with subtle nuances and even usages of post positions and Keigo levels
  • Understand diverse cultures, enhancing your ability to navigate negotiations and offer cross-cultural advice.
  • Refine language skills by studying real-world examples, enhancing your ability to negotiate and present ideas persuasively in multicultural settings.

Selective cultural experiences



Per Lesson

Sign up for 8 or more lessons and receive a free “walk and learn” session! Where your teacher will accompany you to a practical location like a supermarket or restaurant, and practice using Japanese in real life with you (for example: order in a tempura restaurant while explaining that you dislike mushrooms so could you replace the mushroom with something else).


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