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N2 & N3

our jlpt
N1 - N5

Fastest Online JLPT Course

  • Time-efficient and effective – we care about your business, not ours!
  • Quizzes and practice exercises provided during lesson time are to improve your JLPT test skills quickly.
  • Efficient self-study strategies and assignments + tips on using apps to fortify your Japanese learning.
  • Mock exams to prepare you for the actual JLPT N1 – N5 exam.
  • Learn with your peers! 

Course starts April 15th
Free registration fee (16,500 Yen value) until April 14th
Coupon code: 6n1yymK

Course Takeaways


Mon & Wed 6:00 pm – 7:50 pm 

(50 mins x 2 )

JLPT N2 demonstrates proficiency in everyday Japanese. Allows you to understand the content in various situations. 

  • Reading different types of texts.
  • Following narratives and grasping the author’s intent.
  • Comprehending conversations (including reported speech).
  • Understanding implied meaning in conversations.


Mon & Wed 6:00 pm – 7:50 pm

(50 mins x 2 )

JLPT N3 signifies an understanding of everyday Japanese situations to a moderate degree. 


  • Understand everyday texts, handle complexity, and follow conversations in natural settings. 
  • Read daily topics, grasp summaries, navigate slightly complex texts, and comprehend natural conversations. 
  • Everyday reading & headlines, handle some complexity, follow natural conversations.


Mon & Wed 6:00 pm -7:50 pm

Lesson (50min x 2)

 JLPT N1 certifies mastery of Japanese across diverse situations.
  • An advanced reader devours complex logic, abstract ideas, and critiques in newspapers and beyond.
  • Comprehend complex written structures
  • Follow a narrative and writer’s intent
  • Comprehend long conversations and reported speech such as news reports and lectures
  • Follow spoken ideas in a variety of settings and speeds


Mon & Wed 6:00 pm – 7:50 pm

Lesson (50min x 2)

JLPT N4 is officially defined by the JLPT board as “The ability to understand basic Japanese.”


  • Read and understand short texts on familiar daily topics
  • Read and understand short texts written using basic vocabulary and kanji
  • Comprehend most everyday conversations spoken at a slow speed


Mon & Wed 6:00 pm -7:50 pm

Lesson (50min x 2)

JLPT N5 signifies grasp of essential Japanese, including Hiragana, Katakana, and roughly 100 Kanji alongside an 800-word vocabulary..”


  • Reading skills focus on basic everyday communication through Hiragana, Katakana, and common Kanji.
  • Listening comprehension involves gleaning essential details from slow, everyday conversations like those in classrooms or nearby settings.

Class Format

Twice a week

Mon & Wed (24 lessons in Total)
Except Aug. 12th, Sep. 16th, Sep. 23, Oct. 14th and Nov. 4th

Evening Classes

6:00 - 7:50 PM

Comprehensive Learning

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing

Max. 10 students/class


Central Tokyo Location

WeWork KDX Toranomon 11F,
Minato, Tokyo​


24 lessons

  (50 mins x 2 / lesson)   

 (for 24 sessions, including

a mock test at the end, tax and course material)

First-time registration fee: ¥16,500


Course price: ¥139,200


The most efficient and effective course in Tokyo for avid learners


Online group lessons

 50 mins x 2 / lesson

Mock test (2 lessons) + 22 lessons = 24 lessons in total

N1 – N5 : Every Mon & Wed 6:00 pm – 7:50 pm


 (The Mock Test will be held during the Saturday of the last week)

Except Aug. 12th, Sep. 16th, Sep. 23, Oct. 14th and Nov. 4th




Still unsure?

Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Step 1.

FREE Consultation

We’ll help you figure out your journey with us by discussing your assessment and conducting a brief interview regarding your language needs and goals. We will also conduct an oral assessment to further determine your skills.

We will discuss whether you wish to take online Japanese lessons or an in-person course, or a mix of both.

Step 2.

Level Check

Take a quick assessment to discover your current Japanese level and appropriate classes. 


Step 2.

Start your learning Japanese journey!

When lessons begin, you’ll receive a personalized curriculum based on our evaluations. Throughout your course, we cater to your needs and skill level to ensure you’re properly progressing in your Japanese study, whether your goal is to learn Japanese for work, to take casual Japanese lessons or to pass the JLPT.

What you will take away from this course:

  • A solid language foundation to further your career prospects in Japan
  • Japanese skills beyond the JLPT to improve your work and private life in Japan
  • Tips and tricks to pass the JLPT
  • The ability to efficiently pick up important contextual cues to reach the correct test answer


The first two months consist of intense grammar and reading practice. During this time, listening exercises will only be done once a month.

The last month of the course will include intense listening training once a week.


  •  Intensive Grammar&Reading Lessons
  • Intensive Listening lessons


Learn new text patterns and organise your knowledge while doing grammar exercises


Learn text patterns to quickly pick out the focal point of any text


Learn how to pick out focal points of conversations, without stressing about questions


  • Self study materials will be given for characters, vocabulary, and kanji.
  • Feedback will be given in class as necessary.


Private lessons

Price per lessons:  ¥7,920 / 100 min

Course price: ¥174,240



Mon & Wed 19:00-20:35


Mon & Wed 18:00-20:00


Mon & Wed 9:00-11:00


Mon&Thu 19:00-20:35


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