English Regular Program for Kids

Kids Program

Regular Program

Perfect for Elementary to High School

What do we offer?

Group Asian  Students Smile and reading book and using notebook for helps to share ideas in the work and project. And also review the book before the exam


Group of diverse students in the classroom.


communication, feminism and people concept - smiling teenage girl in red t-shirt speaking to megaphone over grey background


Course Highlights

Weekly, 2 times a week for 50 minutes

The ability to communicate is a quality content
to incorporate, understand, and share
and sharing quality content!
The ability to communicate in English, fast and easy.

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Perfect for Elementary to High School

Private class

Elementary to High School

Group class

  • Group 1: Grade 5 to 6
  • Group 2: Grade 7 to 8
  • Group 3: Grade 9 to 10
  • Group 4: Grade 11 to 12

Check these goals for your kids

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Higher Chance for University/Study abroad acceptance​

Easily pass exams: TOEFL, TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, etc

Express more speaking and writing skills

Elevate your child's English learning
with this essential skills formula!

College Preparation / Study Abroad

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Identify your areas of weakness, such as vocabulary and grammar, and determine their respective score levels through a practice test.

Vocabulary Expansion


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Improve your vocabulary by learning new words and avoiding repetition.

Critical Thinking


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Hone your skills in structuring speeches and acquire techniques for more fluent and effortless speaking.

Speed reading Measurement test

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Improve time management skills and elevate reading comprehension. I aim to achieve a speed reading rate of 150 words per minute.

Context Clues


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Learn and understand vocabulary and grammar using context clues. Even difficult vocabulary can be comprehended easily!

Skill Boosters


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Boost pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, through one-on-one sessions. Get extra 40 minutes to enhance your language proficiency.

Course Highlights

Vocabulary Expansion and Grammar Practice

Phonetics and Fluency

Listening and Reading Comprehension Enhancement

Extra Activities

  • Puppet Role-Play
  • Poem Speaking
  • Drama
  • Story Telling

Class Format


50 mins. per lesson


75 mins. per lesson




per lesson



per lesson

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