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Business Japanese Private Lessons

Business Japanese Private Lessons

High quality, flexible and fully customised one-on-one Business Japanese language lessons. We can provide a wide range of courses to adjust to your learning needs, from beginner and essential Japanese to advanced.

What you can take away from these courses

  • Learn all about Japanese language, customs, and culture
  • Learn to express yourself
  • Deepen your relationships with Japanese people and society
  • Find your feet in Japan, and start getting used to daily life here right away while learning useful Japanese phrases
  •  Speaking, listening, reading, and writing Japanese skills
  • Learning corporate-analysis, self-analysis and genuine communication skills


Daily Life

This course is perfect for those who want to improve their practical Japanese for daily life. Learn how to really express yourself with practical Japanese phrases and expressions.



Topics Covered


  • Food, transportation, travel, etc.
  • Business trip, health, celebration, etc.
  • Music, status report, martial arts, festivals, etc.

Japanese Beginner
Boot Camp

In 20 hours, this course will help you find your feet in Japan, and start getting used to daily life here right away!



Topics Covered


  • Pronunciation rules
  • Basic sentence structure
  • Greetings and self-introductions
  • Basic Japanese phrases for shopping
  • Basic Japanese restaurant phrases for ordering food at a restaurant
  • How to use taxi cabs

JLPT Preparation
N4 – N5

Specially-designed course for the JLPT. N5-level beginner Japanese is not only great for your CV, but will also set you up with the four language bases: Speaking, listening, reading, and writing. On top of that, it will help improve your family life here in Japan!

Topics Covered


  • JLPT N4 Course
  • JLPT N5 Course


Students can land their first-choice job by learning corporate-analysis, self-analysis and genuine communication skills.


Topics Covered


  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1, N2 Prep Course
  • BJT (Business Japanese Test)
  •  This is Perfect! Job-Hunting in Japan Guidance

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