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Business Japanese

Pre-Departure Training


One source for all your business needs!

Onboarding for those who have not yet arrived in Japan


(Business Japanese Test)

Our instructors have relevant BJT experience, such as creating questions for the BJT exam itself.

Students can gain essential business Japanese and business skills not covered in N1.


This course covers:

  • Deeper understanding of past exam questions
  • Essential vocabulary for business situations
  • Repetition exercises

JLPT N2 to Prepare for the
Japanese Office

JLPT N2 involves a lot of a lot of vocabulary and sentence structures that you’ll use in daily life.



With this course, you’ll learn how to pass the N2 exam, but also how to make practical use of it out and about.

JLPT Preparation
N4 – N5

Getting a JLPT qualification is not only great for career prospects here in Japan, but will also set up students with the four language bases: Speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


It is also a good option for accompanying family members to help them adjust to life in Japan.



Content of this beginner Japanese course and frequency can be adjusted to the needs of the student.


Settle in With
Pre-employment Japanese

Develop basic skills to work in a Japanese company


This course is designed to ease stress when you first enter a Japanese company.

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